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Med Device Unleashed is a podcast that takes discussions and interviews with some of the top talent and executives in the medical sales arena under one roof. This podcast allows the audience to get in the drivers seat of what it means to work day to day in this sought after industry as well as the skills and habits necessary to drive success. Whether you’re trying to break into a career within medical sales , a seasoned rep trying to hone your sales skills or just someone who wants to expand their overall knowledge of this business all your bases are covered.

Latest Episodes

#13 : Giovanni Di Napoli President of Medtronics Gastrointestinal Divison discusses the influence and use of AI in healthcare , the game changing technology called GI Genius and how to stay ahead of the competition plus much more

In this episode of Med Device Unleashed, I am talking to Giovanni Di Napoli. He is the President of Medtronic’s Gastrointestinal division. Listen in as Giovanni discusses the new...

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#12 : Medical Device sales leader Sean Bryant talking on the makeup of a highly successful medical device sales leader, how to prepare to win the day , Always failing forward and embracing the grind.

Sean Bryant is a seasoned medical device sales leader whom has developed professional habits and sharpened his sales skills in a multitude of ways. He is extremely engaging...

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# 10 : In depth conversation with one of the best sales representatives and people in the med device industry Denise Muresean on proper preparation , the power of humility and how playing professional tennis changed her game in device sales

In this episode of Med Device Unleashed Podcast, we have invited Denise Muresan, an Area Sales Manager for Vertiflex and a Pro-tennis player. Denise started as a clinical specialist...

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#9 : Nick Grossman CEO & Founder of Maverick Medical lets us into his world owning and operating a top performing medical device distribution company , Developing the right kind of team and the art of preparation and much more

In this episode of Med Device Unleashed Podcast, we have invited Nick Grossman, CEO and Founder of Maverick Medical. With more than 15 years of experience in medical device...

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