#2 : CCO of Intersect ENT Rob Binney – Inside the mind of a dynamic leader

#2 : CCO of Intersect ENT Rob Binney – Inside the mind of a dynamic leader

In this episode of the Med Device Unleashed Podcast, Jamie Tipton sits with Rob Binney, Chief Commercial Officer of Intersect ENT. He is responsible for helping build Intersect business to over $100 million annually and has held a variety of high-ranking positions with top device companies with over 20 years of experience.

He shares the characteristics of some of the best leaders he emulates and how he applies them in his leadership style. Listen in to learn what makes a good sales leader and why an excellent sales rep will not necessarily make a good sales manager.

“Integrity is non-negotiable. The individuals that I’ve worked for that I have tried to emulate, have been of the highest integrity through and through.”– Rob Binney [4:45]

Top Takeaways:

·       How he uses the positive attributes he emulates from other leaders to apply in his leadership style.·       Learning to be an asset for people- helping them gain confidence in tough times to emerge better.·       The difference between a leader and a manager.·       The power of looking at adversity objectively without assigning designation. 

Episode Timeline:

·       [2:13] He explains the characteristics he has borrowed from great leaders and established in the way he leads. ·       [8:41] He mentions some materials he recommends for leadership knowledge.·       [10:32] He talks about his role as a regional manager and what he enjoyed about it.·       [14:45] Why you need to be self-aware before becoming a leader- the components of a good leader.·       [20:00] He describes his experience being in the field with customers and some fun stories from sales reps.·       [24:32] Why he’s more interested in a potential sales rep’s story when hiring.·       [30:11] What advice would he give to his younger self today?·       [34:46] He describes the routine he maintains away from his job.

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