#3 : Matt Dixon on all things Challenger Sale , building constructive tension and how to win in todays selling environment

#3 : Matt Dixon on all things Challenger Sale , building constructive tension and how to win in todays selling environment

In this episode of the Med Device Unleashed Podcast, Jamie Tipton talks to Matt Dixon, the co-author of multiple books including the Challenger Sale, Challenger Customer, and Effortless Experience. He shares the details of the research that was done before writing both the Challenger Sale and Customer.

Listen to learn the importance of getting to know your customers’ buying behaviors and how you can form a relationship based on that. You will also learn how the market in 2020 relates to that of 2008-2011 due to similarities in economic status. 

“The way you back that up, the way you engage customers early, the way you shaped the way the customers thinks is by creating a relationship not build on diagnosing what’s keeping that customer up at night but instead build on showing the customer what should be keeping them at night.”– Matt Dixon [10:11]

Top Takeaways:

·       Learning to be a relationship builder as a salesperson.·       How to create a unique brand with your customers by coaching them to buy your products.·       Why 2020 is a great opportunity to study sales just like the late 2000s were.·       Questions you need to ask yourself if you feel you aren’t challenging your customer enough.

Episode Timeline:

·       [2:50] He explains the process of research they did before writing the Challenger Sale book. ·       [8:25] Learning to shape the customer’s thoughts by creating a certain relationship.·       [12:16] Why a challenger needs to create disagreements with the customer for a relationship to form. ·       [15:04] The change in customer buying behavior over the years and how the challenger can still form a relationship with them. ·       [18:19] Creating a brand in the marketplace by delivering value to the customer. ·       [29:32] How the challenger coaches the customer on how to buy their products.·       [32:45] How the Challenger Sale concept can be applied in today’s pandemic economy. ·       [38:35] The opportunity that exists right now to study sales. ·       [43:34] Some tips on what you can go and do with your customer as a challenger.

Relevant Links:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewxdixon/

Website: https://tethr.com/

The Challenger Sale: https://tinyurl.com/The-Challenger-Sale-Book

The Challenger Customer: https://tinyurl.com/The-Challenger-Customer-Book

The Effortless Experience:  https://tinyurl.com/The-Effortless-Experience-Book

Harvard Business Review Article: https://hbr.org/2012/07/the-end-of-solution-sales 

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